Digital and Population Data Services Agency as an Employer

The task of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is to promote the digitalisation of society, to secure the availability of data, and to offer services for the life events of its customers.

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to participate in building a smoothly functioning, interoperable Finland and to develop solutions that make people’s everyday life easier. You will work at the heart of Finland’s digitalisation development, contributing to the direction of digitalisation in society.

Our values are courage, appreciation and trust. We want to lead the way, reform society and support citizens in the use of the services of the public administration. Our aim is to further promote the smooth functioning of Finnish society.

We want to be a reliable, insightful and sought-after partner to our customers and collaboration partners as well as being an employer that people want to work for. We are active networkers and through our work want to strengthen trust in society.

Our agency has more than 830 employees and offices in 36 localities across Finland. We operate nationally so citizens can use our services at any of our customer service points.

What kind of workplace are we?

Our intention is to make the Digital and Population Data Services Agency the best agency in the world. Finland already has the best administration in the world, so we are well on our way to achieving our goal.

We are a flexible and enabling workplace that employs a wide variety of people. Our culture is conversational and hierarchy low.

We believe that every employee wants to do their best and achieve results. We therefore do not monitor our employees but trust our specialists and give them the space they need to develop their work.
As an agency, we want to ensure that our employees work in the best possible conditions where they can improve the services they are responsible for and develop as professionals. We organise innovation competitions for our personnel and let the specialists shine.

We also know that people have a life outside work, so we are flexible according to their life situations.
We operate in a modern work environment using up-to-date and constantly developing equipment. We take care of the wellbeing of our staff and enable them to develop their expertise in a variety of ways.

We provide

  • ergonomic tools
  • flexible working hours
  • the possibility to work remotely
  • exercise and culture vouchers
  • subsidised commuting
  • subsidised meals
  • comprehensive occupational health services

What kind of jobs do we have?

The jobs at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency are interesting, challenging and independent expert tasks that offer a perfect opportunity to see the development of electronic services and services based on life situations and to influence societal matters.

Working with us, you will be involved in a wide range of life situations ranging from birth to death.

Typical positions at our agency include:

  • Product Manager
  • Head of Service
  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Registrar
  • Specialist (e.g. Information Services Specialist or Certificate Specialist)
  • Chief Specialist
  • Designer (e.g. Information Services Designer or Certificate System Designer)

Apply to work with us!

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