Digital and Population Data Services Agency as an Employer

At the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, we are building a smoothly operating Finland. Our goal is a digital society in which everyday matters can be handled easily and safely. 

We provide you with the opportunity to  develop services for public and private organisations that ensure reliably operating society. We work on human issues too, as we are involved in many different stages of people's lives.

We want to be a reliable, insightful and sought-after partner to our customers and collaboration partners. We are active in network cooperation and encourage our public servants to participate in public discussion and to influence the direction of our society.

We invest strongly in the career and training opportunities of our staff and the development of work and the agency's operating methods. We also know and understand that people have a life outside work. This is why we are flexible according to people's life events, take care of our staff's well-being at work and offer staff benefits that support their everyday lives.

Our agency has about 1000 employees and we operate multiple locations all over Finland. Each of us is doing meaningful work for the benefit of society as a whole. 

The agency as a workplace

Our intention is to make the Digital and Population Data Services Agency the best agency in the world. Finland already has the best administration in the world, so we are well on our way to achieving our goal. We operate in a modern work environment using up-to-date and constantly developing equipment that enable many forms of work.

We believe that every employee wants to do their best and achieve results. We want to ensure that our employees work in the best possible conditions where they can improve the services they are responsible for and develop as professionals. We organise innovation competitions and training for our staff and let the specialists shine. We also know that people have a life outside work, so we are flexible according to their life situations. Depending on the position, hybrid work, for example, is widely used. 

Tasks and vacancies

At the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, our specialist tasks offer many kinds of opportunities to utilise and develop your competence. We want you to enjoy your work, which is why our tasks are interesting, responsible and independent. 

As an employer, we offer the opportunity to participate in developing digital services and services based on life situations and exerting influence in society. For example, the agency works with individual and organisational customers, but also in societal development projects and projects related to the promotion of digitalisation. The common goal for all of us is to promote a smoother operating Finland.