Web Service History Web Service’s task is to help citizens and entrepreneurs in different situations. The information, instructions and services you need to take care of matters have been compiled in one address. also includes national services for identification, electronic communication and authorisation. 

We have compiled information on's predecessors and key achievements on this page. We will complement the page as develops as the years go by.'s story continues and becomes complemented! 

Over the years, many people have participated in the development of If you have facts, anecdotes or memories from, you can send them to us as pictures, videos or text at dvv.viestinta[at]

From the Citizen's handbook to the first joint electronic transactions services (1992–2009)

The web service was officially opened on 4 April 2002. However, the content history of the service extends until 1992.
What was the Citizens' handbook and how was the service and web editors originally established? And what were the first joint electronic transactions services like?

Time for reforms (2009–2014) 

The Government IT Shared Service Centre was established in the State Treasury, and and the online delivery was transferred to the new home. The foundation for the development of towards a common online service platform was created.
But why on earth did they need legos? And what was the Citizen's Account and the Kuntapuntari? develops into Central Government’s Joint e-Service Support Services (2014–2019) 

The entirely new services was developed in an agile and user-oriented manner in the National Service Architecture Programme, and separate legislation was laid down on their use. services became a critical part of Finnish digital society. Services are rewarded in Finland and abroad, and awareness of services is increased among citizens.

But what is Straumurinn and why is the green button an important part of history? services was expanded and new services and features were developed (2020–) services was expanded quickly and entirely new services and features were developed. The future of services as a common platform for electronic services is beginning to take shape on a completely new level.
The web editors develop new operating models and invents sihards. But what on earth are they? 

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