Registering a prenuptial agreement 

The prenuptial agreement must be sent for registration to us or the State Department of Åland. Without registration, the prenuptial agreement is not valid. 

Do the following

1. Draw up the prenuptial agreement in writing. You can use the services of a lawyer or a public legal aid office in the preparation of the agreement. Unfortunately, the Digital and Population Data Services agency cannot help in the preparation of a prenuptial agreement.

Make sure that your personal identity codes are entered correctly in the agreement, the document is dated and that both spouses have signed it. Ask two impartial persons to certify the authenticity of your signatures. 

2. Print out and complete the form below to register the prenuptial agreement. 

Fill in the application form (the form is in Finnish)

3. Send the pen-signed original prenuptial agreement and the completed registration form to the address below or bring them to the mailbox of any of our service locations. Do not send any documents by email because we need the original documents. 

4. We will return the original prenuptial agreement to you by mail. Due to a high volume of applications received, we will return the documents within approximately 4 months.

The registration certificate and the invoice for the registration will be sent separately. 


In 2024: EUR 82.

We will send the invoice on a separate letter after registering the prenuptial agreement. Additional information

Processing times

  • 9 weeks

Näin saat asiakirjan:

Saat meiltä todistuksen rekisteröinnistä, kun hakemuksesi on käsitelty.

Lähetämme todistuksen Näin saat sen mahdollisimman nopeasti. Jos sinulla ei ole palvelua käytössäsi, saat todistuksen kirjepostitse. Voit myös hakemusta tehdessäsi valita saada asiakirjat salattuna sähköpostina.

Todistus ja lasku tulevat erikseen. Alkuperäisen avioehtosopimuksen palautamme kirjepostitse.

Tarkista, että tietosi on merkitty oikein.

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Creating, chancing and canceling of a prenuptial agreement

Registration of a prenuptial agreement

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