Non-disclosure of personal data

Everyone has the right to prohibit the disclosure of their data for the purposes of direct marketing, public registers and genealogical research and for the purpose of updating a customer register or other similar register. Additionally, everyone has the right to prohibit the disclosure of their contact information as part of a contact information or address service or other similar data service.

In total, the following can be entered into the Population Information System for one person:

  • non-disclosure for direct marketing purposes
  • non-disclosure of contact information
  • non-disclosure of customer register update
  • non-disclosure for genealogical research purposes
  • non-disclosure for public registers

You can prohibit the disclosure of data on the Web Service's Personal Data page or by notifying the Digital and Population Data Services Agency by phone, form or via a free-form letter. The guardians of an underaged child may use the form or free-form letter to notify the non-disclosures for a child.

Please note that you cannot submit telemarketing restrictions to the Population Information System, as no phone numbers are stored in the system.

The non-disclosures are personal in nature and valid until further notice, which means that they do not need to be renewed, for example, when you are moving house.

You can check your active non-disclosures and remove unnecessary ones on the Web Service’s Personal Data Page or by contacting the Digital and Population Services Agency.

For more information on the disclosure and other processing of data, please see the Privacy Statements.

Non-disclosure for personal safety reasons

A non-disclosure for personal safety reasons is valid for a maximum of five years for the first time. You may then request it to be extended for two more years at a time. A non-disclosure for personal safety reasons may be valid until further notice for a special reason only. More information about the non-disclosure for personal safety reasons.


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