Moving between the Nordic countries

Notify your move in accordance with the instructions on this page when moving from one Nordic country to Finland or from Finland to another Nordic country. 

When you move from another Nordic country to Finland 

If you aim to live in Finland for at most six months, you do not have to notify it to the Finnish authorities.  

If you intend to live in Finland for more than six months, you must visit our service location personally so that we can register you. Bring a valid identity card showing your nationality, such as a passport. Register as soon as possible but no later than one month after moving to Finland. 

Anyone moving from another Nordic country must visit our service location personally and prove their identity. For example, you cannot make registration on behalf of your children. 

Moving from Finland to another Nordic country

If you move from Finland to another Nordic country, submit a notification of move to us and the register authority of the country to which you are moving. 

Nordic local register authorities: 

Finland: Digital and Population Data Services Agency
Iceland:  Þjóðskrá Íslands
Norway: Skattekontoret 
Sweden: Skatteverket 
Denmark: Municipalities of Denmark, Municipalities in Greenland, Municipalities in the Faroe Islands

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