Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Espoo

Street address

Miestentie 3
02150 ESPOO

Postilaatikko sijaitsee ulko-oven vieressä, johon voi jättää asiakirjoja vuorokauden ympäri. Toinen on 2. krs:ssa, jonne voi jättää postia klo 8-16.15

Postal address
Office hours

Service locations serve customers by appointment only

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 16:15

Visitation to our service locations by appointment only. 

Mail can be sent to the street address if a separate postal address is not given.

We recommend you contact us by telephone or email if you have symptoms of the flu, you are otherwise ill, or you have returned from coronavirus epidemic area in the past two weeks.

Please follow recommended hand hygiene and avoid shaking hands when meeting people. Find more instructions on Finnish institute for health and welfare's site.

Service offering

  • In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the registration of foreigners is centralised in Helsinki, Porvoo ja Raseborg.
  • You may submit guardianship documents at all service locations.

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The agency provides nationwide service. You cannot call a specific service location.

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