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Digital support in municipalities

We have compiled support materials related to digital support in municipalities on this page.  They help municipalities organise digital support and develop the competence of digital support providers.


Digital support contact person for municipalities

Mirva Gullman
Tel. +358 295 535 229
[email protected]

Support for municipalities in organising digital support 

Digital support promotes the municipality’s resident’s equal opportunities to participate in the activities of the digital society. In addition, digital support helps municipalities make better use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

Municipalities organise digital support both as part of the municipalities’ other tasks and as a separate service.  

The following need support in developing digital skills:
•    residents of the municipality,
•    local companies and organisations,
•    the municipality’s employees
•    the municipality’s elected officials

At the same time, many of these parties also provide digital support. Municipalities have different models for organising digital support. In them, the responsibility for coordinating digital support is given either for one or several branches, depending on the structure and size of the municipality.

Expert support for municipalities to develop digital support

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency offers expert support to municipalities for organising digital support. Its aim is to strengthen the competence of the organisation and the support providers. We provide guidance in organising digital support and share good practices for implementing digital support.

Ask digital support experts for more information

Tips for organising digital support in municipalities online training course

In this training course, you will learn why digitalisation and digital support should be developed. You will also receive tips on how to organise digital support in your municipality. The training course is available in Finnish and Swedish.

In this training course, you will learn to understand:

•    the importance of digitalisation as part of the everyday life of a municipality and its residents.
•    why a large proportion of a municipality’s employees provide and simultaneously need digital support.
•    why digital support must be coordinated.
•    different ways of organising digital support.

Start the training

Duration of the training course: 30–60 min

Digital support learning circle for municipalities

A learning circle is a form of co-learning in which a group of people interested in the same topic gather together to discuss their insights, experiences and learning.

In the digital support learning circle for municipalities
•    we share and deepen our competence in organising digital support in municipalities
•    we learn about the planning, implementation and facilitation of the learning circle
•    we develop operating models for the digital support network of municipalities

The learning circle meets in Teams three times in the spring and three times in the autumn.

The learning circle is currently full, but you can register for the waiting list by email at [email protected]

Developing the competence of digital support providers  

We have produced material for your use in digital support situations. You can use the materials to support your training activities or to support the development of your own competence independently:

Ethical guidelines for digital support

Training courses and recordings

Skill badges for digital support providers

Webinar recordings

Below, we have picked some interesting webinar recordings that deal with municipalities. 

Skills for support providers webinar:Finding digital support and the opportunities provided by the Finnish Service Catalogue (25 August 2022)

In this webinar, you will hear practical examples of how the Finnish Service Catalogue has been utilised in communicating about digital support by representatives of a municipality and an organisation.

Participants can also discuss and share their own experiences of good practices regarding the finding of digital support.

Duration of the webinar: 31 min 05 s
For whom? The webinar is aimed at all digital support providers and developers.

Skills for support providers webinar: Digital support in municipalities - different municipalities, different practices (24 March 2022)

Municipalities are different in terms of their size and organisation. There is no one-size-fits-all model for organising digital support either. But what is digital support in municipalities—or what could it be?

At the event, we will present what kind of competence and understanding municipalities need for organising digital support and how the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s digital support responds to these needs. We also hear examples from three different municipalities of how digital support has been arranged in their municipality.

Duration of the webinar: 1 hr 26 min
For whom? The webinar is primarily aimed at digital support developers and providers in municipalities

Digital support network event: Tips for developing and organising digital support in municipalities (10 March 2022) 

Municipalities organise digital support in many ways: as part of employees’ tasks, as a separate service and in cooperation with other actors. Residents of the municipality, local companies and organisations, the municipality’s employees and elected officials need support in the development of digital skills. At the same time, many of them also provide digital support.

Duration of the webinar: 2 hr 02 min
For whom? The webinar is primarily aimed at digital support developers and providers in municipalities.


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