Applying for or cancelling a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons

If you have a justified reason to suspect that the health or safety of yourself or your family is threatened, a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons can be recorded for you and your family in the Population Information System. You can also cancel a non-disclosure for personal safety.

The issuance of a non-disclosure for personal safety is an exceptional protection measure that restricts the disclosure of personal data such as your address and place and municipality of residence from the Population Information System. Only the authorities that have the right to process data subject to a non-disclosure will be able to access it. The non-disclosure does not cover any other person registers that may contain your address.

A person with justified and obvious grounds for suspecting that their own or their family's health or safety are threatened may apply for a non-disclosure order. Such situations include witness protection, domestic violence or working in a profession in which you are subject to a regular threat of serious physical violence.

In order to apply for a non-disclosure, you must submit a written application to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, which includes clear reasoning and proof of a concrete threat to the applicant and how likely this threat is. Adults sign the application on their own behalf and the guardians jointly on behalf of under-age children. Documents proving a threat must be attached to the application.

A contact address can be recorded in the Population Information System for a non-disclosure client as the non-disclosure order does not apply to the contact address. A contact address will make it possible for others to contact a person who has a non-disclosure for personal safety in place. The contact address must not reveal the details of where the person lives (for example, a PO Box).

Do the following

  • Complete the application with your reasons for needing a non-closure for personal safety and the likelihood of a threat.
  • Attach documents to your application that show proof of the threat to your safety and submit the application and its attachments to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  • You can send the application by post or deliver it personally to a service location.
  • If you choose to email your application, please use secure email.
  • You can provide your contact address at A contact address can be for example a post box or a friend’s address. It should not reveal your whereabouts.

Registration of contact address (In Finnish)


  • An application for a non-disclosure for personal safety must be submitted in writing.
  • Obtain the necessary documents that verify the threat to your personal safety and attach these to your application.
  • Check that you have signed the application and that you have obtained the required consents (for example, consent from the adults and the other guardians of under-age children listed in the same application).


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