Extracts from the Register of Guardianship Affairs  

You can ask us whether a person has a guardian, who their guardian is, and what the guardian's duties are. You do not need to order an actual extract from us; you can ask about the matter by telephone, for example. 

However, the guardian may need the extract on the client when they are performing their duties. With the extract, the guardian can prove their position as the administrator of these matters. 

In addition, a party may ask you for information on whether you have a guardian. In this case, you can either ask us for an extract of yourself or another party, such as your employer, can ask us for it. 

What is the Register of Guardianship Affairs? 

It is a national register from which we disclose information to various authorities, associations and private persons. In practice, we provide the information as individual paper printouts (extract from the Register of Guardianship Affairs). Government or municipal authorities and organisations or traders who continuously need the data in the register for an acceptable purpose can obtain the data directly from the register. 

What information can I obtain from the register? 

You can request the following information from us:  
•    Does someone have a guardian?  
•    Who is the guardian? 
•    What are the tasks of the guardian? 
•    Is the person's competence restricted? 

The register also provides information on valid continuing power of attorneys concerning financial matters, i.e. when the authorisation has been validated and who the assignee is. However, we do not keep unconfirmed proxy statements, nor do we keep a register of unconfirmed authorisations, so you cannot obtain data on these from us. 

Once guardianship has come to an end or an authorisation has expired, you will only be provided the information you have requested if you need it to fulfil your interests, rights or obligations. 

Do as follows

You can request an extract from us by phone or email with a form (in Finnish). You can send secure email to [email protected]

Tell us 

  • your name and phone number 
  • the name and personal identity code of the person for whom you order the extract 
  • purpose of the extract 
  • the payer's contact details (name and address and business ID if the invoice-to instance is a company) 
  • how we send the extract to you and to which address. 


An extract from the Register of Guardianship Affairs costs 22 €. 

A certificate on your status as guardian or your mandate for power of attorney so that you can carry out your duties abroad costs EUR 25. 

This is how you get the document:

Private person: You will receive an extract from the Register of Guardianship Affairs in Suomi.fi Messages.  In this way, you can get notified of the decision as soon as possible. If you do not have access to the service, you will receive the extract by letter. When submitting your order, you can also choose to receive the documents by encrypted e-mail.


Authorities and organisations: You will receive an extract from the Register of Guardianship Affairs by encrypted e-mail or by letter in the mail. If you have a continuous need for information, you can apply to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency for a data permit for the use of query services.

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