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Digital support just for you 

Digital support providers help with matters that are managed online. Help is available across Finland. For example, you may get support in matters related to student financial aid, a summer job, online banking or the tax card. Help is available live at libraries, youth clubs and other similar places, but also online through chats and the social media accounts of different actors. 

You don’t have to be alone with your digital problem – ask for help! 

Valtakunnallisen digituki-verkoston jäsen


The digital support campaign for young people has been implemented by the regional coordination projects on digital support in cooperation with Rare Media Oy. You will find additional information on the regional coordination of digital support on the website of the Ministry of Finance (link in Finnish).


The Digital and Population Data Services Agency acts as the national developer of digital support and as a support organisation for digital support providers. Read more: 

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Digital support across Finland  

Click here for places that provide digital support (in Finnish) 

Welcome to adulthood!  

Tips for managing your affairs 

One-Stop Guidance Centers 

One-Stop Guidance Centers are places where you can get help in matters related to work, education and everyday life 

Public Service Info 

Public Service Info will direct you to the right public service and offer advice on the use of the services 

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