Messages Messages allows you to communicate with public administration organisations electronically.

You can read the messages you received after you have logged into the online service using bank codes, a certificate card or mobile certificate.

When activating Messages, you give general consent that all official messages can be sent to you electronically in Messages. A message sent by an authority may also be a verifiable notification that you must acknowledge as received before you can open the message. You can change the way messages are delivered later in the Messages settings.

Do the following

You can activate Messages in the Messages section of the online service. Once the service is activated, you will be able to read your messages after logging into the web service.

Go over to Messages in the Web Services

You can receive your messages directly to your mobile phone once you have activated the Messages mobile application. The application includes all the same messages and functionalities as the Messages section of the web service. You can download the application from the Google Play store or App Store. Further information about the mobile application is available on the Web Service.

Advice on using Messages is provided by Public Service Info.

You can find all organizations and services which send message on the page Organisations and services using Messages in the Web Service.

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