Suomi.fi e-Authorizations is a service for reliable verification of a person’s or organisation’s authorization and right to use digital services on behalf of another person or organisation regardless of time or place. The service can be used by both public and private organizations.

The Suomi.fi e-Authorizations service offers the possibility of verifying the legal right of a person to act on behalf of another person or a company. The users’ role data is sent directly from existing registers to the service provider’s services.

  • A better service experience, fluent self-service for the customers
  • Using electronic services and processes saves money
  • Administration of authorisations is not required
  • An automatic, reliable verification of authorisations
  • Reducing the risk of misuse

Software providers can integrate the service as part of a CRM system or appointment software, for example. Banks, insurance companies etc. can use the service in their own systems.

Do the following

To commission the e-Authorizations service, familiarise yourself with the service in greater detail at Suomi.fi Service Management and start the commissioning process. 

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