Making a request for information

To access a document or part of a document kept in the registers of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, you must make a request for information to the agency. See what information you can access.

Do as follows

  1. Prepare a free-form information request containing at least the following details:
    • Your contact information: full name, postal address, email address and phone number
      If you wish to access public information, you only need to give the delivery address. For other requests, we need your personal details so that we can check your right to access the information.
    • Content of the information request: free-form description of the information you would like to access
      The request should be as specific as possible. This speeds up the processing of your request. You can speed up the processing of your information request by providing the following information: your name, personal identity code, real estate unit identifier, case number, case identifier or other similar details.
      If possible, give the task category and/or the data repository that your request concerns.
    • Reasons for requesting the information
      You should give the reasons for your request if it is based on the right of the parties to the matter to access the information or you would like to check your own personal data.
    • Delivering the reply
      You may receive the reply to your information request:
      • as a printout or as a copy of the original document
      • as a technical recording or in other electronic format
      • orally
      • You may also be provided with a chance to view, listen
      • or copy the information in the agency’s premises.
      Please note that we are not always able to send the reply in the requested form.
  2. Use one of the following methods to send your information request:
    • By email to [email protected]
      If your message contains confidential information, you should send the message by secure email
    • By letter to Digital and Population Data Services Agency, PO Box 123, FI-00530 Helsinki
    • You can also deliver your request to any of our service locations.

We will contact you separately if you have to verify your identity in order to access the information.

Processing times

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency will provide the requested information about a public document within two weeks of receiving the information request. If you have requested access to a large number of documents, the documents contain secret information or there are other reasons why processing the matter takes more time, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will make its decision on the matter within 30 days of receiving the information request.

If you wish to check your own personal data, the agency will send the reply within 30 days of receiving the request. In the event of a large number of requests or requests of complex nature, the agency will respond by stating that more time would be needed to process the requests. If the agency requires more time to process the requests, the information will be provided within three months of the initial request.