As a foreigner in Finland 

On this page, you can find useful information for foreign citizens about the services of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

New in Finland 

If you are a foreign citizen and move to Finland, your information will be recorded in the Finnish Population Information System if the conditions are met. At the same time, you will be assigned a Finnish personal identity code. To get a personal identity code, you must visit a service location in person. If you have already received a personal identity code from the Finnish Immigration Service or the Finnish Tax Administration, we can record your address and family relations, for example. Read more about address registration and the personal identity code on our page on Registration of a foreigner’s personal data

Registration of municipality of residence 

You can be assigned a municipality of residence in Finland under certain conditions. We will register your municipality of residence and the permanent address associated with it in the Population Information System. You may need a municipality of residence to use the municipal services, to be granted social benefits, to receive an identity card and to vote, for example. If you intend to live in Finland for more than a year and would like to get a municipality of residence, read more on our page on Municipality of residence

Updating personal data 

If your personal data has already been recorded in the Population Information System but it has changed while you were living abroad, we can update it. For example, you may have changed your name or gotten married abroad. You can read more about reporting changes to your personal data on our page on Life changes while living abroad

Further information: 

Work in Finland guide helps you at every step of arriving in Finland. The guide offers the most essential instructions easily in one place and directs you to the right service at the right time. Read the guide

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