Data Exchange Layer

Data Exchange Layer provides a standardised method for transferring information between the data systems of private and public sector organisations.

Based on X-road technology, the Data Exchange Layer is a standardised, cohesive, collaborative, interoperable and secure data exchange layer that gives service providers a completely new kind of opportunity of making themselves visible in services directed at citizens, businesses and civil servants.  Creating entities that combine many different services and data sources is easy and cost efficient.

  • Improves the quality of existing services and products
  • Enables new types of service innovations
  • Savings in infrastructure, archiving and other costs
  • Standardised data security and privacy protection
  • Easy implementation, data access via interfaces – after connecting all included services are available

Software providers can add the functionality of using the Service Data Exchange Layer integrations in their software and systems that enable them to further improve their products.

As part of the Data Exchange Layer, the API Catalogue brings all the interface content and other information included in the entity available to all.

Do the following

To commission the Data Exchange Layer, familiarise yourself with the service in greater detail at Service Management and start the commissioning process.

To Service Management


Use of the service is free of charge. The customer organisation will be responsible for the costs resulting from the implementation of the service.

Links to Acts related to the matter

The obligation of public organisations and the right of private organisations to use the Data Exchange Layer are laid down in the Act on Central Government’s Joint e-Service Support Services (571/2016).


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