Converting a registered partnership into a marriage 

You can convert your partnership registered before 1 March 2017 into a marriage by notifying us. The registered partnership will continue as a marriage from the date we receive your notification. There is no marriage ceremony associated with the notification. At the same time, you can also indicate that you are taking a common surname or a combination of surnames.  

You can also continue in a registered partnership without converting it into a marriage, if you like.  

Do this 

1. Fill in the form below together and sign it. Please decide and indicate on the form whether you wish to take a common surname or a combination of surnames. There is no need to send other forms for changing the last name. 

Application form (in Finnish and Swedish)

2. You can send the form as a scanned e-mail attachment. Use secure mail to move your data in an encrypted manner. Select [email protected] as the recipient of the secure mail.    

You can also send the form by post to any of our service locations. 

You will be notified in writing when the registered partnership has been converted into a marriage.  


Free of charge

Links to Acts related to the matter 

Marriage Act


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