Regulated social welfare and healthcare professional's ID card

The regulated social welfare and healthcare professional's ID card (professional ID) is intended for social welfare and healthcare professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and psychologists. The professional ID allows its holder to identify themselves reliably in healthcare information systems and to use electronic signatures in patient documents and prescriptions. The cards have access control technology that can be read remotely.

A regulated social welfare and health care professional's ID card is personal, and it is tied to the card holder’s professional practice rights. A social welfare and healthcare professional can work nationwide in all healthcare sector organisations with the same card.

A professional ID is valid for a period of 5 years, unless there are valid limiting factors to the professional practice rights.

The following data is displayed on the front of the card: card validity and serial number, the card holder’s registration number, their surname and first name and their professional title. For example, the card’s serial number is listed on the back of the card. A professional ID can be ordered with or without a photo.

A new professional ID must be ordered, if the certificate’s data content or the data printed on the card have changed. Information that can change may include your surname or professional practice rights. Also order a new professional ID card, if the card is damaged or lost.

If the applicant does not have valid professional practice rights entered into the Terhikki or Suosikki registers or the professional’s data has not been entered into the registers at all, the person cannot apply for a professional ID.