Digital and Population Data Services Agency (The Finnish Digital Agency)

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency promotes the digitalisation of society, secures the availability of data, and provides services for the life events of its customers.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (The Finnish Digital Agency) sees to the maintenance of the Population Information System, which is the foundation for our society, and to the digitalisation of society.

The agency’s tasks include civil marriages, name and address changes, guardianship and administrative guardianship, maintenance of the Population Information System, development of solutions for electronic identification, as well as the development and maintenance of centralised support services for e-services. E-service support services include the Web Service, electronic messages from authorities ( Messages) as well as authorisation for acting on behalf of another party ( e-Authorization).

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency leads the way, reforms society and supports citizens in their interaction with public administration. Our aim is to further promote the smooth functioning of Finnish society. Digitalisation is one important way to achieve this.

We operate courageously to reform, support and appreciate.
We create trust and care about the future.

Digitalisation partner with a vision

In society, we act as a trendsetter that operates courageously by reforming, supporting and appreciating. For our customers and partners, we are a reliable and desirable partner with a vision.

Through networking actively, we strengthen confidence in society. Our goal is to make Finnish society run even smoother.

Our values are courage, appreciation and trust

Guided by our values, we make decisions open-mindedly, we encourage self-direction among our experts, and we make fast progress.

In our operations, we value diversity, have respectful conversations, and nurture competence. All our operations are guided by mutual trust and a constant will to improve. To become even better, we evaluate ourselves and our operations constantly.

We operate on a national level

Our agency has over 900 employees and we operate in over 30 towns all over Finland.

Our operating model is national; citizens can visit any service location they choose.

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We actively share our operations on social media. 
We are on our social media channels Mondays through Fridays from 9:00–16:00.
Our communications and marketing team is responsible for maintaining, using, and developing social media profiles.

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Ground rules for our social media channels and webinars

The availability and dissemination of accurate information are important for us. We want to be interactive and present wherever a large proportion of the people as well as our stakeholders are. 

Our values guide our activities also on social media and in our webinars. We take others into account and discuss things in an appropriate manner. Thank you for working with us under the same principles! 

Our ground rules are

  • We respect each other's opinions. We do engage in name-calling.
  • We do not use derogatory expressions or cursing.
  • We protect people's privacy and we do not discuss anybody's matters publicly.

If our ground rules are not followed 

  • We will remove messages that are racist or otherwise insulting to people, a community, a religion, or race.

  • We will remove messages that contain links to unlawful material or which are based on inappropriate material, conspiracy theories, disinformation, or fake news.

  • If necessary, we will block a person's access to our social media channels or webinars.

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