Notification of a child's name

Please submit notification of your child’s names and mother tongue within three months after the child’s birth. Please note that only one mother tongue can be entered into the Population Information System.

You can give your child between one and four forenames. You cannot give your child a forename or a combination of forenames that is likely to give offence or cause harm or that is inappropriate as a forename.

Do as follows 

Notification of a child´s personal details form and instructions are automatically sent by post to the child´s mother after the child is born. You will receive the form within 2–4 weeks after the child´s birth. Read the instructions carefully before reporting your child's information.

You may report the child’s name and mother tongue to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency on the online form. You will need online banking IDs or a mobile certificate to use the online form. The notification is confirmed by guardian or both guardians if the child has two guardians.

Online form

Can't attend to your matter online?

If you cannot submit a notification of your child's personal details using an online form, you can submit the form 'Reporting your child's data' to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency: PO Box 1003, 00531 Helsinki, Finland

Need help?

Telephone service: 0295 536 220

Service hours:

  • Mon–Fri 9–15

Processing time

  • 3–4 weeks.

The lawfulness of the name notified will be investigated after you have submitted the form to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or after the parish has referred the question of lawfulness of the names to our agency. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency does not give an opinion on the names before the form has been returned.

After the child’s names have been entered into the Population Information System, the child’s Kela card will be sent to you by mail and the information stored in the system will become available to different authorities.

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