Unilateral removal of marital rights to property

If a spouse’s property has been handed over for a bankruptcy, the other spouse may remove both spouses’ marital rights to property within one year of the start of the bankruptcy.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency must be notified of the unilateral removal of marital rights to property. 

Do the following 

1. Write a free-form notification of the removal of marital rights to property. 

2. Send the notification and details of the bankruptcy start date (usually extract or copy of the District Court decision) to us by email to [email protected]. Use secure email to ensure that your information is encrypted.  

You can also send the documents by post to: Digital and Population Data Services Agency, PO Box 1003, 00531 Helsinki, Finland. 

3. We will notify you in writing when we have entered the information in the register. 


In 2024: EUR 82.

Additional information https://dvv.fi/en/invoicing

Act related to the matter

Marriage Act

Law on certain registers of Digital and population data services agency (in Finnish)

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Divorce matters are dealt with by District Courts. 

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