Notarisation of a copy of a document

You need the services of a notary public when you have to have the authenticity of a copy of a document officially certified.

Do the following

  • Deliver the original document to one of the offices of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You do not need to visit the agency in person, but you can also send the document to the agency by post.
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  • Book an appointment with a public notary through the electronic appointment booking service. 
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  • The document and the certified copy will be sent to you. If you have reserved an appointment with the notary public, you will get a notarised copy of your document while you wait.


  • A document can be authenticated if the signature on it is hand-written or it has an ink stamp, a seal or a similar identifying factor.

  • Photocopies or prints are not accepted.

  • If an indicator of originality is missing from the document, turn to the party that issued the document and ask them to provide the required markings indicating originality.


  • The notarisation of a copy costs EUR 5 per page.

Processing time

If the notary public is available, you will get a certified copy of your document while you wait.

Laws related to the matter

Act on Notaries Public (in Finnish)

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Please use secure email if your message contains personal or otherwise confidential information. Please choose [email protected] as the recipient.

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Telephone service number is +358 295 536 404

Service hours Mon–Fri 915.

If you need a public purchase witness, you can search for one on the website of the National Land Survey of Finland

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