Customer service for private customers 

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency provides services online, by telephone and, in certain matters, at service locations. The service locations are primarily open by appointment. Location-specific opening hours vary.

Please do not call to ask about the progress of your application. View up-to-date processing times

How to use the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s services smoothly: [Information box]

Looking for a mailbox?

Documents, such as documents related to supervision of the interests of another party, can be dropped at the Agency's lobby service or mailbox without queuing. See location-specific instructions

Using the Agency's service location

Check when you need to use the Agency’s services in person. 

Most matters don't require a visit. Call us if you need help!

The service locations are mainly open to those who have booked an appointment. Book an appointment

If you're not sure which documents you need to bring with you, or if you cannot book an appointment electronically, we can help you on the phone.

Be prepared to queue if you do not have an appointment. Check the local opening hours.

The national telephone service is open on weekdays from 9 am to 12 noon 

Select the appropriate phone number below. A local network fee and mobile phone charges specified in your operator's contract apply for calling and queuing.

Marriage: 0295 536 244

  • examination of impediments to marriage
  • marriage ceremony
  • prenuptial agreement
  • partnership
  • a certificate of the right to enter a marriage in a foreign country

You can also send secure email to [email protected] (messages regarding prenuptial agreement) or [email protected] (everything else).

Guardianship: 0295 536 256

  • appointment of a guardian
  • power of attorney
  • actions that require a permission
  • annual and final statement
  • guardianship for a minor

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

Moving: 0295 535 188

You can also send secure email to [email protected].  

Notary public: 0295 536 404

  • Notarisation of the authenticity of a signature
  • Apostille
  • notarization of a copy of a document
  • other certificates issued by the notary public

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

Names: 0295 539 080

  • Changing forename
  • Changing surname

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE! When submitting details of your children (such as their names), select [email protected] as the recipient in the secure mail. Read more about notification of a child's name

Address service

  • Phone service in Finnish tel. 0600 0 1000
  • Phone service in Swedish tel. 0600 0 1001

The lines of our phone service are open every day 8 am to 10 pm.
Calls cost € 2.50/min + local network/mobile call rate.
Phone service is only in use in Finland.

Certification of the shareholders in an estate inventory deed: 0295 539 099


European Certificate of Succession: 0295 536 404

You can also send secure email to [email protected]

Extracts from the Population Information System: 0295 536 230

  • Life certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Civil status certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Other certificates
  • Report on family relationships

You can also send secure email to [email protected]

Registration of foreigners and international matters: 0295 536 320

  • Registration of a foreigner (requires visit at a service location). 
  • nationality
  • information of international family relationships
  • marriage concluded abroad

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

Confirmation of parenthood: 0295 537 314

  • confirming and annulling paternity
  • confirming maternity

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

Population information: 0295 536 220

  • notification of a child’s name or other information
  • membership in a religious community
  • changing civil partnership to marriage
  • confirming change of sex
  • informing native language, occupation or email
  • changing personal identity code

You can also send secure email to [email protected].

In matters related to a child born abroad, a person who has deceased abroad or citizenships, select the address [email protected].

In matters related to notification of move, address and municipality of residence, select the address [email protected].

Áššehasbálvalus: 0295 539 262

Davvisámegielat bálvalannummir bálvala disttagaid dmu 9-11. Don sáhtát váldit oktavuoða maiddái šleadgapoasta bokte. Dieðuid suollemassandoallama dihte geavat šleadgapoastta sáddemii DVV dorvopoastta. Vállje dorvopoasttas vuosttáiváldin [email protected]

Public service info is available by telephone from Monday to Friday at 8-21 and on Saturdays at 9-15 on the following matters: 0295 000

Citizen Certificate and electronic identity: 0600 9 6160