Customer service for private customers

Please contact us by email or telephone. You may also visit one of our service locations but only by appointment. Please try to avoid visiting the service locations at the moment. In the Åland islands, please contact the State Department of Åland.

Contact us by email

You can contact us by email. Please use secure email and choose the recipient according to your topic.

Call us

Our customer service is available by telephone from Monday to Friday at 9-12.

Only a local network fee and a mobile call fee determined by the caller's operator will be charged for the calls and queuing.

Service numbers by subject:

Marriage: 0295 536 244

Guardianship: 0295 536 256

Moving: 0295 539 225

You can also contact us in matters related to moving via chat service at our Facebook pages. Chat service is open Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 15.00. Only general questions on moving are handled through the chat service. The channel is not protected and consequently, other personal or sensitive information should not be given on the chat service. The chat service is also unable to answer questions on the processing of matters that are already pending.

Notary public: 0295 536 404

Names: 0295 539 080

Certification of the shareholders in an estate inventory deed, European Certificate of Succession: 0295 539 099

Extracts from the Population Infomation System: 0295 536 230

Registration of foreigners and international matters: 0295 536 320

Confirmation of parenthood: 0295 537 314

Population information: 0295 536 220

Áššehasbálvalus: 0504627151

Davvisámegielat bálvalannummir bálvala disttagaid dmu 9 – 11. Don sáhtát váldit oktavuoða maiddái šleadgapoasta bokte. Dieðuid suollemassandoallama dihte geavat šleadgapoastta sáddemii DVV dorvopoastta. Vállje dorvopoasttas vuosttáiváldin [email protected]

Public service info is available by telephone from Monday to Friday at 8-21 and on Saturdays at 9-15 on the following matters: 0295 000

Citizen Certificate and electronic identity: 0600 9 6160