Duties of the guardian

Guardians are usually appointed to manage the property and financial affairs of their client. The guardian is accountable for the management of their duties to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, which is the guardianship authority. 

In addition to guardians, clients, close relatives, and external parties need information on the duties of the guardian. 

Content of a guardianship assignment and accountability

At the beginning of a guardianship, the guardian will submit a property inventory to the agency and, after this, will submit an annual statement, which contains an account of how they have managed their client’s affairs. When a guardian’s duties come to an end, they will submit a final statement to the guardianship authority.

Where necessary, a guardian may also be required to represent their client in matters concerning the client’s person if the client does not understand the significance of these matters.

A guardian can also be appointed to an individual task, such as the sale of an apartment or property. In this case, the guardian will not be obliged to make accounts.


Links to laws related to the matter 

Guardianship Services Act (in Finnish) 

Guardianship Services contact information


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Postal address

Property inventories, annual statements and final statements must be sent to the postal address of the service location.

All other post to the Guardianship Service must be sent to the address:
Digital and Population Data Services Agency / Guardianship, PO Box 1004, FI-00531 Helsinki

Telephone number

The telephone service is open 9.00-12.00 on weekdays

Service number +358 295 536 256

Service locations

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