Organisation cards

Organisation cards are certificate cards intended for the employees of an organisation. Organisation cards can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • logging in to e-services provided by public administration
  • logging in to an organisation’s own information systems
  • logging in to a workstation
  • creating electronic signatures
  • encrypting and signing emails
  • as an access card for one’s premises.

The organisation can design the layout of their organisation card and decide whether to include photos or not.

Organisation cards remain valid for 5 years. This period of validity is tied to the organisation and the person’s employment contract.

A new card must be ordered whenever there are any changes to the data content of the certificate or the information printed on the card. These types of changes include, for example, change of last name or email address. A new card must also be ordered if the cards is damaged or lost.

Organisation cards are tied to the organisation and the employee’s employment. If a cardholder’s employment is about to end, the certificate must be revoked by getting in touch with revocation services. After the certificate has been revoked, the card can no longer be used. The certificate can be revoked either by the organisation’s registrar or by the cardholder. The registrar then marks the card as cancelled in the Vartti system. The certificate must also be revoked by contacting revocation services if the card is lost or broken.

How to order a card

Ordering a smart card requires the following

  1. a customer contract with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  2. completing the online training
  3. submitting a registrar application.

The customer contract is available in Finnish and Swedish. The online training is available in Finnish. For more information, get in touch with varmennepalvelut(at)

Card delivery

The organisation cards are delivered to the registration point. The card activation code will be delivered to the cardholder’s home address or workplace under their name.

Verifying the identity of an applicant

The identity of the card applicant must be verified at a registration when the card is ordered. The card applicant must have a valid identity document such as a national ID card or a passport with them in order to prove their identity. Other acceptable forms of identification include the following: a passport or identity card issued by an official government agency of an EEA member state, Switzerland or San Marino, or a passport issued by an official government agency of another state. If the applicant does not possess any of the aforementioned documents, the police may, at the organisation’s request, verify the applicant’s identity by other means.

Card activation

The certificate card must be activated before its electronic properties can be used. The activation process requires an activation code that is sent to the cardholder in a separate letter 4 working days after the card has been sent. During the activation process, the user selects two personal PIN codes for their card. These PIN codes are needed when using the card, for example when the user needs to verify their identity in a service or create an electronic signature.

Using WebVartti for renewal of cards

If your organization has separately agreed to use WebVartti for renewal of cards, card holders can renew their cards in in WebVartti. We resolve applications sent in WebVartti automatically. You can find more information about the automatic resolution procedure here (in Finnish).

Delivery time and card prices

The delivery time for the card and the activation code letter is approximately two weeks. The activation code is sent after approximately 4 working days after the card has been sent.

The service is subject to a fee.


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