Organisation cards

An organisation card is a certificate card intended for the employees of organisations. Organisation cards can be used, for example,

  • when identifying one’s self in public administration e-services
  • when identifying one’s self in the organisation’s own information systems
  • when logging into a workstation
  • when using an electronic signature
  • in the encryption and signature of e-mails
  • as an access ID for an organisation’s premises.

Cards can be equipped with access control technology that can be read remotely. Each organisation can determine the design of their organisation card. Cards can include a photo or not include a photo.

Organisation cards are valid for a period of 5 years. The period of validity is tied to the organisation and type of employment contract.

Order a new card when there are changes to the certificate’s data content or the information listed on the surface of the card. Information that can change may include your surname or email address. Also order a new card, if the card is damaged or lost.

Organisation cards are tied to the organisation and the employee’s employment contract. If your employment comes to an end, the certificate must be revoked in the revocation service. After this, the card can no longer be used. Either the organisation’s registrant or the employee themselves can revoke the certificate. The registrant can enter the card into the Vartti system as cancelled. The certificate must also be revoked if the card is lost or damaged. Contact the revocation service to revoke the card.