ID cards for non-regulated workers and non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel

The contents of this page are intended for registration authorities ordering ID cards for non-regulated workers and non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel.

If you are applying for a card and want to order a personnel or ID card, contact the registration point that orders ID cards for your organisation. Instructions for starting to use an ID or smart card for operators can be found on the page use of the smart card.

ID and smart cards for social welfare and health care personnel are certificate cards used to reliably identify yourself in information systems and services. The card can also be used, for example, to sign electronically and encrypt e-mail.

The ID card for non-regulated workers is intended for workers in social welfare and healthcare organisations who have not been granted any professional practice rights in Valvira’s Terhikki or Suosikki registers. An organisation can order ID cards for its non-regulated workers, such as its office workers or information service employees.

The ID card is intended for actors outside social welfare and health care who work in social welfare and health care organisations. An ID card can be acquired for information system suppliers or IT consultants, among others.

ID cards for non-regulated workers and ID cards for non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel are tied to the organisation and the employee’s employment contract. If the employment relationship ends, the registration authority is responsible for revoking the card certificates.

Information contained in ID cards for personnel and operators

ID cards for non-regulated workers and ID cards for non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel are valid for five years.

The front of the card states the card’s period of validity, the card holder’s name and their position or job title. The cardholder's photograph is printed on the front of the card if the card is ordered with a picture.

When do I need to order a new ID card?

A new ID card must be ordered if the certificate’s data content or the data printed on the card have changed. You will need to order a new card if your current card is damaged or lost.

Do the following

Authorising another organisation’s registration point

Private social welfare and health care organisations often authorise an external, existing registration point for social welfare and health care organisations to order personnel and ID cards.

1. If you work in an organisation that wants to authorise a registration point, contact the registration point to be authorised and agree on the authorisation. You need the following from the authorised registration point:

  • electronic customer number of the registration point
  • business ID
  • card delivery address
  • contact details of the registrar.

2. Next, conclude an agreement in our e-services. Under the contract details section, select “I will authorise another organisation to act as a registrar”. Fill in the information provided by the registration point that is to be authorised.

3. Once you have concluded the agreement, submit a certificate of employment to the authorised registration point for the individuals for whom the cards are ordered. Submit the certificate as soon as possible after you have signed the agreement on the authorisation.

4. Sign the agreement in the e-services once we have processed your organisation's contract application. The agreement must be signed electronically by one of the following methods of e-Identification: A certificate card issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, online banking codes or mobile certificate.

Once the necessary steps have been taken and the authorisation has entered into force, the persons ordering a card will book a time from the authorised registration point that will order the cards.

If you need additional information on authorising a registration authority, you can contact us by email: [email protected]

Verifying the identity of an applicant

The applicant must be identified and their identity verified at the time of ordering the card.

The card applicant must have a valid identity document with them to prove their identity. Approved identification documents are:

  • electronic ID card or passport
  • valid passport or electronic ID card issued by a Member State of the European Economic Area, Switzerland or San Marino
  • a passport issued by an authority of another state.

If the applicant does not possess any of the aforementioned documents, the police may, at request, verify the applicant’s identity and draw up a separate identification document. The police will send the identification document to the registration authority.

Delivery time and card prices

The delivery time for the card and the activation code letter is approximately two weeks. The activation PIN is sent approximately 4 working days after the smart card has been sent.

ID cards for non-regulated workers are free of charge for persons whose work tasks include the processing of patient data related to patient care. Either an ID card for non-regulated workers or an ID card for non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel will be ordered for other personnel, and a fee will be charged for these.

Card activation

The certificate card must first be activated before its electronic properties can be used. The activation process requires an activation code that is sent to the cardholder in a separate letter about 4 working days after the card has been sent.

During the activation process, the user must select two personal PIN codes for their card. PIN codes are needed for identification and electronic signatures.

If you have forgotten the PIN or it needs to be changed, the cardholder can create a new PIN themselves using the activation PIN.

Instructions for using PIN codes

Revoking a card

The certificate must be revoked if the card is lost or broken. The certificate must also be revoked if the cardholder's employment relationship ends or the information on the certificate or on the card changes.

To revocation service for certificate cards

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