How to order a Service Certificate

Service certificates are applied in DVV e-services.

To apply, you must register as a user of the online services. When registering, the user establishes a customer account for the organisation they represent, to which they can invite other users of their organisation. Registration requires strong user identification. If the organisation already has an account in the e-services, the new user will need an invitation to this account from one of the current users of the account.


A Service certificate subscription is always a new subscription, even if your organisation has a previous service certificate that is being renewed.

  1. Click Fill in a new application.
  2. Open the menu from I would like to certify an electronic identity or service.
  3. Click Start button from Service certificate applications.
  4. Fill in the application and download a certificate request (CSR file) to the application or, alternatively, select that the technical contact person will download the certificate request to the application and fill in their information in the technical contact person's field. After submitting the application, the technical contact person will receive a link to the email address indicated in the application, where the certificate request can be downloaded. However, they will not be able to access the organisation's e-service account to view anything other than the information in the application in question. The data content of the service certificate is extracted from the certificate request to the application.

The completed Service certificate is delivered by e-mail to the technical joint e-mail specified in the application and to the technical contact person in DER and PEM file formats.

The target delivery time for a Service certificate is approximately one week after the application has been submitted and the certificate request has been downloaded. You can see the processing stages of the matter in e-services in the organisation's own account. Please note that the decision to issue a certificate will not appear on the application until a few days after the certificate has been produced and submitted.  If the application cannot be accepted with the information provided, the application will be returned to the customer for corrections or additions in e-services. Requests for additional information include the reason for the return. The customer also has the opportunity to send additional information to the application themselves. The Service certificate order is binding.

A rejected decision will be made on an incomplete application if it has been pending for more than six months.

Terms of delivery​​​​​​​ (pdf)

Service certificate pricing

The price of the service certificate is 300,00 €/year (VAT 0 %). The price is per year and is invoiced after the certificate has been delivered. The price for a service certificate for test use is 150€/ year (VAT 0 %). A license fee of 50 € will be added to email certificates.

Health and social services service certificates are not billed to the subscriber. With the exception of Service certificate for wellbeing applications, which are billed according to the normal price list.

A delivery fee of 15 € will be added to the invoice.