Digital support 

Public services are becoming increasingly digitalised and there are many people who do not know how to use digital services. Digital support helps those who need assistance. In digital support, citizens are provided guidance on the use of e-services and smart devices.

The development of digital support for citizens is a permanent service of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The Agency develops national digital support and coordinates the operation of the digital support network. 

What is digital support? 

Digital support is support for the use of e-services, other services and electronic devices. Its purpose is to help customers to use devices and e-services independently and safely. 

Forms of digital support: 

  • remote support: chat, telephone or video support, unmanned service points
  • face-to-face support: service points, peer support and support at home
  • training: online training, adult education centres, courses 

The content of digital support may vary from guidance on e-services use to installing applications and starting to use them. Each organisation should define what types of digital support it offers. 

Confusing digital service increases the need for digital support: new recommendations encourage investments in quality

A high-quality digital service is easy to use, and digital support is also available for using it. Using a confusing digital service, on the other hand, is not easy even to someone with digital skills. The recommendations published today by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency encourage investments also in the quality of digital services and digital support for businesses and communities.

Digital support recommendations

Read the digital support recommendations (pdf)

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