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European Parliament decision on the eIDAS reform contributes to the realisation of European digital wallets

Publication date 11.3.2024 9.54
Press release

On 29 February 2024, the European Parliament voted on the reform of the eIDAS Regulation, which obliges EU countries to develop digital identity solutions. The common goal is secure digital services that are accessible to all. In parallel with the eIDAS reform, EU legislation on digital driving licences and online payment reforms are also moving forward, increasing the demand for digital wallets in Europe.

Following the entry into force of the reform of the EIDAS legislation, the European Commission has six months to prepare more detailed implementing rules. They will set out the technical specifications for the wallet and certification. Once these rules have been adopted, EU countries will have two years to make wallet applications available to citizens.

Wallets to comply with common standards

The new legislation and a more detailed description of the services involved will be published a little later. The latest version of the European digital wallet reference architecture and a sample application were released this week. On this basis, the technical implementation of the wallets can start in all EU countries, with common standards and technical specifications.

European digital wallets are intended to be mobile applications. They will allow citizens to easily manage and use their own information in everyday situations. It will be possible to use the digital wallet for both online and in-person transactions. It will always be up to the wallet user to decide what information to disclose. The use of digital politics will be free of charge and voluntary for EU citizens. 

“The legislation and national projects will also provide Finns with a digital wallet that they can use to interact smoothly with public and private entities throughout the EU. It will be possible to use the wallet to authenticate, sign and store certificates and permits. We need to make the wallet secure and easy to use," says Pekka Rehn, Deputy Director General of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Piloting the wallets will ensure their usability

Together with Finnish and European organisations, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency has been actively involved in the preparation of the European Digital Identity Wallet since spring 2023. 

In parallel with the preparation of the Regulation, the piloting of use cases of the European Digital Identity Wallet was launched last year. The piloting will ensure that the wallets are suitable for different use cases as soon as they are ready. In Finland, use cases being tested include mobile smart cards, digital certificates of study, electronic identification for public services and proof of identity. To pilot these use cases, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency  has created a sample wallet application, which will be used by the pilot participants.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is involved in three European consortia where piloting is taking place. Potential, EWC and DC4EU. For information on pilot usage, please visit

Further information:
Deputy Director General Pekka Rehn, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 046

The pilot project for the European Digital Identity Wallet is co-funded by the European Union. However, the views and opinions expressed are those of the publisher only and do not necessarily reflect those of the Union or the funding authority. Neither the European Union nor the funding authority can be held responsible.

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