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DVV is seeking a remote digital identity identification solution provider

Publication date 4.4.2022 13.19 | Published in English on 4.4.2022 at 13.28
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) is looking for a provider of a remote identification solution that will be integrated into digital identity services. Remote identification is used, for example, in the remote registration of foreigners and the deployment of a digital identity card.

In order to find a provider of the remote identification solution, DVV has initiated the procurement and published it in the HILMA service. The procurement is related to the digital identity development project. DVV is working with the Finnish Police to develop new solutions for reforming digital identities as part of the project run by the Ministry of Finance. A digital identity card and a digital transaction tool for foreigners to be used in a mobile application are being developed in the project. The project is also developing an alternative to a mobile application, i.e. an identification token, which does not require a mobile device and enables identification in public administration e-services.

Key areas of procurement

  • Digital identification of a person on the basis of a travel document. This function enables the remote identification of foreigners in connection with registration in the Population Information System. Legislation enabling remote registration is being prepared as part of the project to redesign the personal identity code.
  • Identifying a person with an identity card Citizen Certificate and reading Finnish passport and personal identity card information digitally. The functions can be used in the deployment of electronic identification as one way to check a person’s identity.

All areas will be procured so that they can be integrated into the mobile application produced by DVV.

The procurement notification has been published in HILMA so that both Finnish actors and actors from other EU countries can participate in the procurement. Tenders must be submitted by 3.5. klo 12 at the latest.

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Additional information on procurement:

[email protected]

Not enough time remains in the current session of the Finnish Parliament for legislative initiatives that would enable digital identity reform to be processed. Preparations for a European Digital Identity Wallet continue. Read more.

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