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The Digital and Population Data Services Agency builds a digital identity wallet for Finns – a wallet application that allows them to manage their affairs across the EU

Publication date 27.6.2024 15.48 | Published in English on 28.6.2024 at 13.24
Press release

In a couple of years digital identity wallets will be introduced in all EU countries, enabling electronic identification, electronic signatures, and reliable way to present digital credentials such as permits or certificates throughout the EU. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is producing a smart phone wallet application for Finns and people living in Finland.

Each EU country is obliged to produce its own wallet applications, which operate with the same user logic. Use of the wallet will be voluntary for citizens. The introduction of the wallets will be made possible by the revised eIDAS Regulation adopted in May 2024. Experts from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency also participated in the reform.

“For example, a digital wallet allows you to manage your official affairs across EU borders. The wallet will allow Finns to identify themselves electronically to digital services in other EU countries and citizens of other EU countries to Finnish services, says Pekka Rehn, Deputy Director General of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

It will be up to the wallet user to decide what information to share

The European Digital Identity Wallet will function across national borders. Going forward, it can be used for identification purposes and for presenting reliable proof of other personal data, such as information on completed degrees, professional qualifications or driving licences. It is always up to the wallet user to decide what information to share and with whom.

“In particular, digital wallets will facilitate situations where you currently have to present various paper certificates and permits. The wallet will also improve security by allowing digital verification of the data,” says Pekka Rehn.

Introduction of wallets enabled by the reform of the eIDAS Regulation

The European Parliament and the Council adopted the revised eIDAS Regulation in May 2024, which regulates cross-border electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. A key obligation of the revised regulation is that all EU Member States must provide a digital identity wallet that meets the requirements of the regulation no later than two years after the technical implementing acts have been finalized.

Technical implementing acts supplementing the Regulation are currently under preparation and will be adopted in two parts during 2024 and 2025. The first step is to adopt implementing acts concerning the wallet.

Finland participates in the pilot projects of the European Digital Identity Wallet

In Europe, pilot projects for European Digital Identity Wallet use cases are already under way. In Finland, the use of the wallet is now being piloted in the following situations: user identification in public electronic services, use of a mobile driving licence, wallet as proof of identity, a digital wallet for businesses and proof of academic credentials. Pilot projects will be carried out in three European consortia: Potential, EWC and DC4EU. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency will use the lessons learned from the pilot projects to implement the wallet application.

The Ministry of Finance project will guide the implementation of a national digital identity wallet. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the technical implementation of the wallet.

Read more about the European Digital Identity Wallet on the website

Further information:
Deputy Director General Pekka Rehn, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 046
Director Mikko Pitkänen, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 092

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