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Services concerning public authority issues are now provided by the reformed Web Service

Publication date 3.7.2017 9.42
Press release

The reformed Web Service is now open for the public. Among other things, citizens may use the service for checking their own data in various authorities’ registers and for managing affairs in several public administration operators’ services by logging in to a single service. In the future, the service can be used for receiving messages from the authorities electronically and for authorizing another person to manage one’s own affairs.

A more extensive and versatile service complex, on which public administration services and channels can be collectively accessed, is now available for citizens and enterprises.

“For example, if a citizen does not know which authority he or she should contact, the Web Service will direct him or her to the correct service,” explains Population Register Centre Project Manager Jani Ruuskanen.

The service provides citizens with information in situations in which they have to use the services of various authorities. These kinds of situations include, for example, the birth of a child, divorce, becoming unemployed or the death of a relative. In addition, the service provides information and guidance on entrepreneurship. Web Service’s section for entrepreneurs will be completed in late 2017.

By logging in to the service, a user may check his or her own data from various registers, such as the Population Information System, Vehicle and Watercraft Registers and the Trade Register. Furthermore, by logging in to the service, a user may move to the services of various public administration operators. provides citizens with access to completely new services

The opened Web Service will be extended remarkably during the rest of the year.

“Think of the first published version as a tree trunk; it will reach higher and grow new branches, as an increasing number of organisations join their services with,” explains Ruuskanen.

One of the most remarkable new services is the Messages service which will enable receiving mail sent by various authorities electronically. The messages may include decisions, instructions and notifications, for example. The Messages will gradually replace paper mail.

“People who do not want to or are unable to receive mail from the authorities electronically will continue receiving their mail in the physical form,” tells PRC Digital Services Director Janne Viskari.

In addition, it will be possible to authorize another person to manage one’s affairs by the end of the year.

“Citizens may, for example, manage affairs on behalf of their aged parents or authorize a trusted person to manage their own affairs for the duration of a trip abroad,” Viskari explains.

Citizens will receive mail sent by a growing number of public administration organisations electronically as they join in the Messages service. Furthermore, electronic authorization will be enabled for a growing number of affairs, as public administration organisations and enterprises start using the e-Authorizations service.

>> Familiarise yourself with web service

We will provide further information about the Web Service at the media event, which will be held in connection with the SuomiAreena event on Wednesday 12 July 2017 at 10.45–12.00 am at the Scandic Pori Hotel (address: Itsenäisyydenkatu 41, Pori).

Enrol in the event by 5 July 2017: Taina Rinta-Kauhajärvi, Communications Agency Kaiku Helsinki, +358 (0)40 515 2963, [email protected].

We will provide citizens with information about the new services at our department in Kansalaistori throughout the SuomiAreena event from 10 to 14 July 2017.

We welcome you to come get more information about!

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