Skip to Content performed very well in a recent European Commission study of digital public services.

Publication date 14.12.2018 13.13
Press release performed very well in the 2018 eGovernment Benchmark report, in which the European Commission surveyed the digital public services available across the region.

In relation to Finland, the report paid particular attention to the Web Service. In fact, the Web Service was highlighted as the best example of a user-friendly digital service in Europe. The report praised the Web Service for the way it organises and presents the services it offers on the basis of every day activities. Both business and individual users are able to easily find the clearly labelled service information according to the report. The Commission's report also commented on the way users can easily access the services they need, their personal details stored in different registers, and their messages all from one central hub.

The report gave examples of digital service portals or similar services from each of the countries included in the study. According to the report, Finland belongs to a group of ten EU countries and Norway which provides high-quality digital services for use in different everyday circumstances.  Examples of the important events of daily life examined by the study included moving home, finding or losing a job, starting a business, and studying. Four benchmarks were used to evaluate the digital services of the countries involved. These were ‘user-centricity’ (how easy the services are to use), ‘transparency’ (how much control users have over their data, how clear the information is regarding e.g. governmental operations etc.), ‘cross-border mobility’ (how easily users can access the service from another country), and ‘key enablers’ (the availability of things such as eID, eDocuments, and Authentic Sources).

The European Commission report is available in full online at: