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Finnish Immigration Service introduced e-Authorizations

Publication date 13.7.2017 14.00
Press release

As the first organisation in Finland, the Finnish Immigration Service has started using the e-Authorizations functionality, in which an employer can grant electronic powers of attorney allowing a person to act on the employer’s behalf in Enter Finland, the Immigration Service’s e-service channel.

In Enter Finland, an employer can submit information on their company and the job, and pay the fee charged for an application on behalf of their employee. To verify the right to use e-services on behalf of the company, the e-Authorizations is used.

Up till now, this service has been available for persons who had the authority to sign for a company or an organisation. As from 13 July 2017, an employer may also authorise a designated person to use the service. Rather than having to be in the service of the employer in question, the authorised person may represent a third party. You can access the service even if you have not used Enter Finland previously.

What are e-authorizations all about?

Giving authorizations is made easy in the new service, e-Authorizations, which is provided by the Population Register Centre. Organisations are currently starting to use the service.

With e-Authorizations, the authorities can verify that a person or a company is authorised to use the service on behalf of another person or company.

In the future, citizens can use e-Authorizations to authorise a person or a company selected by them to use e-services on their behalf in a certain matter. A company may also authorise a person selected by it to use e-services on its behalf in a specified matter. The possibilities of using e-Authorizations will be diversified significantly when increasing numbers of organisations start using the service and enable e-authorisations in the services their offer.

Further information about e-Authorizations for organisations:
Further information about e-Authorizations for citizens:

Further information

About the services of the Finnish Immigration Service:
Finnish Immigration Service, Taru Forsell, Project Manager (E-services), firstname.lastname[at]

About e-Authorizations:
Population Register Centre, Janne Viskari, Director (Digital Services), firstname.lastname[at]