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DVV customer service for organisations is congested – we have compiled instructions for replacing Katso

Publication date 2.6.2021 13.01
Press release

The customer service for organisational customers and processing of Katso-related mandate applications is currently congested.

As our telephone service is congested, it is best to send inquiries related to mandate applications by e-mail to [email protected].

We have compiled on our website instructions for Katso-related issues. You may already find the instructions you need on our website at We will be adding further information and instructions based on customer feedback. 

If you are the chair of an association in the Register of Associations or a person entitled to sign for such an association, you can use MyTax, and on behalf of the association without a separate authorisation. Read more

Please note that all companies can authorise themselves in e-Authorizations. In other words, companies do not need to send a separate mandate application via the mandate service provided by officials, as the e-Authorizations service checks the right of representation from the Trade Register. 

More time is now available for the Tax Administration’s and Customs’ Katso IDs and Katso authorisations.

Read more 

Have you submitted a mandate application in the mandate service provided by officials?

Mandate applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • At the moment, the processing time for mandate applications is on average two months for applications which require supplementary information, for example due to a missing signature or lack of attachments.
  • The processing time for applications that do not require supplementary information is approximately one week.  

If you have submitted a mandate application electronically, you can check the status of your application by logging in to the mandate service provided by officials. The person who originally sent the application can see its status when logged in using their own IDs. You can find your mandate application under ‘Your applications’, at the bottom of the page. After logging in, you can open the application by selecting it from the list ‘Mandates to be registered’.  

Looking for instructions on switching from Katso?

Instructions for replacing Katso roles in different e-services can be found in the instructions provided by each authority:

Instructions on the DVV website 

Before submitting an application, you should always check the instructions regarding any required attachments

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