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Up-to-date mandate themes in

Publication date 26.2.2020 13.34 | Published in English on 28.2.2020 at 17.03
Press release

All mandate themes are now easily available in real time at

How to use the Mandate themes page

You can filter the search by limiting the mandate themes

  • to personal or company mandates so that the results will include only those mandate themes for the handling of which private persons or companies and organisations can grant mandates.
  • to a specific mandate category so that the list will only display the mandate themes belonging to that category.

You can search for mandate themes by using a search term that may be

  • a word occurring in the name or description of the mandate theme. The search field suggests names of mandate themes, but you can also perform the search by using some other word.
  • the name or part of the name of the organisation using the mandate theme.

If you use the name of your own organisation or service channel to search for mandate themes, you will receive a list that you can link to your own instructions or e-service. The list is also updated automatically if the number of mandate themes or service channels increases.

As each mandate theme also has its own page, it is possible to create a link from your own instructions or e-services to an individual description of a mandate theme.

Connecting mandate themes to service channels in Finnish Service Catalogue

The service channels are visible in connection with mandate themes. You can therefore use the name of the organisation or service channel to search for mandate themes if the mandate themes used have been added to the additional information on the connection between the service channel and service in Finnish Service Catalogue. Furthermore, customers granting or requesting a mandate can see the service channels in e-Authorizations.

This is how you can add mandate themes to the service channels.

Make sure that the required service channels and services have been described in Finnish Service Catalogue.
Add the mandate themes to the additional information on connections between services and service channels. Instructions for creating connections can be found in the article titled Presenting information from the Finnish Service Catalogue in e-Authorizations on the Service Management website (article in Finnish)

If you do not know who in your organisation maintains the information in FSC or you need advice for making connections, please contact FSC support: ptv-tuki(at)

For more information on browsing the mandate themes, contact the Digital and Population Data Service Agency’s customer service for organisations:
organisaatiopalvelut(at), tel. +358 295 535 115 (Mon-Fri 10.00–15.00)

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