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Population Register Centre’s new organisation to be introduced on 1 January 2017

Publication date 20.12.2016 10.33
Press release

The Population Register Centre (PRC) will introduce its new organisation from the beginning of 2017. The purpose of the organisation update is to support the implementation of the PRC’s new strategy.

The current PRC strategy covers the years 2016 - 2020. Its focal points are customers, digitalisation and courage. The strategy defines the PRC’s mission, values and vision as well as strategic goals and the means for achieving them. The strategic goals are examined from four viewpoints: those of the customers, societal impact, operation and processes, and personnel and competence.

The PRC’s operations are led by Director General Lea Krohns with the support of unit directors and the management team. The units are divided into divisions headed by group managers.

The new organisation consists of the following units: Administration and Joint Services, Population Information Services, Digital Services and ICT Services.

The Administration and Joint Services unit is responsible for operational and financial management, human resources and general services, communications and customer work support.

The Population Information Services unit provides maintenance services and information services and engages in service design related to the Population Information System.

The Digital Services unit is responsible for the implementation of the National Architecture for Digital Services programme, customer services related to e-services, service and content management as well as service design of digital services.

The ICT Services unit’s responsibilities include production development, service production related to the Population Information System and digital services as well as infrastructure services.

For the contact details of the directors and contact persons of the units, see the Population Register Centre’s website at under About us.

The Population Register Centre (PRC) is the data controller for the Finnish Population Information System together with the local register offices. The bureau maintains and develops the Population Information System, its data and data quality as well as certified electronic services. The PRC offers Population Information System information services and certificate services, performs duties related to elections and implements together with the Ministry of Finance the National Architecture for Digital Services.

Additional information:
Communications and Marketing Manager Pirjo Koivunen, [email protected], tel. +358 (0)295 535 353.