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Tax partnerships, this is how you apply for a authorisation

26.2.2021 12.45 | Published in English on 5.3.2021 at 15.22
Press release

From now on, the Finnish Tax Administration, along with other authorities, will use the authorisation and e-identification on their e-services.

Identification with IDs

Strong, personal identification methods, such as online banking codes, a mobile certificate, an ID card issued by the police or a smart card issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will be required for logging into the e-services. You do not need separate user IDs.

Mandate themes that replace the Katso roles can be found in each authority's instructions 

If you have previously used Katso roles, they must be changed to e-authorisations. You can find the best instructions for replacing Katso in the e-services in the authorities' own instructions.

Tax Administration

Applying for authorisations in the official authorisation service

A tax partnership can apply for authorisations for all e-services it uses with one application in the official authorisation service. E-services include the Finnish Tax Administration, Kela and the Incomes Register.

We recommend first familiarising yourself with the instructions provided by the e-services on the mandate themes used in the e-service.  Mandate themes define the authority to act, i.e. in which matters the assignees can act on behalf of the tax partnership.  

1. Agree on who administers authorisation rights and handles official matters on behalf of the partnership

A person with a right to grant a mandate may grant and invalidate mandates for services
A tax partnership should first register the right to grant a mandate for the representatives in the official authorisation service. 

Once the person has received the right to grant a mandate, they may grant other representatives mandates to use the services. They no longer need a separate application, but can sign in to e-Authorizations and choose to act on behalf of a company or organisation there.  They can also invalidate mandates.

For example, a person with a right to grant a mandate may authorise the financial officer to manage tax matters on behalf of the tax partnership. 

Persons with a mandate for transactions can use the services

Persons and organisations who have been granted a mandate for transactions may act on behalf of a tax partnership in the e-services. 

Note that the right to grant a mandate cannot be used in e-services. A person who has been granted the right to grant a mandate must also give themselves a mandate if they are acting on behalf of a tax partnership in the services.

2. Read through the instructions 

By examining the instructions and documents for authorisation with an application you will receive precise instructions based on your responses, which attachments should be attached to the application and who should sign the application. 

Familiarising yourself with the instructions is advisable, as it will make the application much smoother. 


3. Fill in and print the application from the official authorisation service

  • Fill in the authorisation application in the authorisation service. Ensure the application has all the mandate matters required for acting on behalf of the tax partnership. 
  • Under Mandate type, you may want to select the right to grant a mandate so that the selected person can more flexibly manage the mandates of the tax partnership. 
  • Print or save the mandate application and obtain the necessary signatures.  
    • If there are members of the partnership in several localities, you can send each individual application for signature as an attachment to an e-mail message or as a paper mail. 
    • The members of the tax partnership can send the signed application back to you by e-mail, for example, as a photo or scanned. 
    • Please note that each signed application must be returned in its entirety to ensure that the members of the tax partnership have received the entire application for review. A signature page alone is not enough.  
    • You can also send a copy of your passport or ID card as a scanned image or photo. The passport or ID card must be valid.  

Authorisation with application

4.    Submit the application and the appendices in the mandate service provided by the officials

  • Once you have received the applications signed and the necessary appendices from all the members, log in to the mandate service provided by the officials at
  • You can access the mandate application from Your applications at the bottom of the page. After logging in, you can open the application by selecting it from the Mandates to be registered list. 
  • We can only process the application after you have submitted the application and the attachments for processing.  

How to authorise or act on behalf of a tax partnership 

1.    This is how you authorise e-Authorizations on behalf of a tax partnership

Once the mandate has been registered, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will notify you of this by sending you an e-mail to your e-mail address. When you have the right to grant a mandate and want to grant a mandate: 

  • log into using your personal banking IDs, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. 
  • Instructions for identification using different identification tokens
  • choose Acting on behalf of a company under e-Authorizations
  • choose a partnership on whose behalf you want to authorise
  • Further information can be found in the instructions for the web service. e-Authorizations

2.    How to act on behalf of a tax partnership  

When you have a mandate for transactions for example for the Finnish Tax Administration

  • log into the MyTax service with your personal ID. 
  • select to Act on behalf of a company on the front page of the service.
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