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Publication date 13.11.2018 10.48
Press release

Next year, you will get a notification in the Messages service as soon as the pre-completed tax return is available in the MyTax service. In the future, citizens will also be able to authorise another person to act on their behalf to manage their tax matters. This autumn, many companies have also used the authorisations, mandating their accounting firms to manage their tax matters and to file their payroll reports. Many authorities that are important for citizens and companies are taking the services into wider use. Therefore, the users of the services are also really beginning to benefit from the services available.

The services are expected to get a lot of new users, when the Tax Administration’s MyTax service begins to use the services. This year, people already made 63% of the changes needed in their tax cards online, and 60% of those who needed to complement the information in their pre-completed tax returns did it electronically. So, it seems that citizens are interested in making a transfer to using electronic services.

The Tax Administration will inform people about the Messages and Authorisations in a public bulletin. It will be sent to a total of 3.2 million addresses in November. In addition, the content marketing division of the Tax Administration and Kela will introduce the Korhonen family (‘Me Korhoset’ in Finnish), living in Facebook, that uses services.

You can now receive a notification of your tax return to your Messages – both nature and taxpayers thank you for it

There are many reasons for citizens to transfer to using e-services. It is convenient, flexible and allows you to manage your tax matters at any time and in any place. It becomes particularly easy if you start using the mobile application. For example, even when lying on the beach in Las Palmas, you can read a notification that you have received new information on your tax matters to the MyTax service.

Speed is another benefit you will get. You no longer need to wait for the tax return to come by post, but the Messages service will send you an e-mail notification as soon as the tax return has arrived to the MyTax service. Posting of the tax returns of all Finnish people takes several weeks. You can also complement your tax return until the last date of return without needing to reserve time for the post to carry it to the tax authorities.

Nature is also grateful as this means less paper sent by post. Currently, the Tax Administration sends about 20 million letters annually. When the citizens transfer to using the joint electronic services provided by the public administration, it will save the taxpayers' money as well.

If you begin using the Messages service by February, next year you will get your tax return to the e-mail address you have specified. After this, you will get a notification to your e-mail and Messages every time there is new information on tax matters, such as a tax card or tax return, available in MyTax. Authorisations makes it easier to manage tax affairs on behalf of another person

In November, the Tax Administration services and the Incomes Register began using the Authorisations service. The Incomes Register will not be available until at the beginning of 2019. However, you can make authorisations for managing your affairs in the service already in November. The authorisations will replace the Katso service by the end of 2019.

Many improvements have been made in the Authorisations service to make it easier for companies and accounting firms to use. The development of the service will continue in 2019. Persons managing affairs for a company no longer need separate identification codes. Now they can log into Tax Administration services using their personal identifiers. After this, their right to manage affairs for the company is confirmed with the help of the Authorisations service. Within their organisation, companies and accounting firms can also limit the authorisations they give to specific employees only.

In the future, citizens can use the Authorisations service to mandate other people to manage their tax matters in MyTax. In such a case, the authorised person no longer needs to pick up the papers from the home address of the person giving the authorisation, but everything can be managed online.

The development of the Messages and Authorisations services will continue in 2019.