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Notifications from Messages were renewed!

Publication date 22.11.2021 12.20
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has renewed the way how you are told that a new message has been sent to you in Messages.

A notification of a new message received in Messages is sent to the email address you have given when you use Messages. If you have not visited Messages to read an incoming message, the service will send an automatic reminder message after a week. 

In the future, some Messages will be notification messages. If the message is a notification message, you no longer receive a separate reminder in the email for an unread message. Notification messages are marked as “Notification” in Messages. 

‘We have received a lot of feedback that the reminder has been confusing. Often, the recipient has already visited the e-portal of the organisation that sent the message to handle the matter but has forgotten to check the message as read in Messages. We have developed functionality based on the feedback we received, and in the future, the recipient no longer needs to mark these notification messages as read in Messages,’ explains Business Owner Maria Juka-Lahdenperä from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

The new notification message is used especially by the Tax Administration that notifies you of a new document received in My Tax through Messages. Messages e-mail notifications never contain links 

Juka-Lahdenperä would also like to remind everyone that the e-mail notifications sent by Messages never contain a link that directly takes you to read the document you have received. 

‘This is a matter of information security. There are many different types of scams and phishing messages around the world that try to get you to click on a link that leads to a page that tries to collect your banking IDs or other personal information. Some of these scams feel very real, so be very careful with them. This is why we never ask you to move from one link to another in these e-mail notifications. The message from the authorities must always be read separately in the Web Service or the mobile application. It is safe to open the links and attachments in the messages that have arrived into Messages service,’ Juka-Lahdenperä says. 

What Messages? Messages can be used to receive mail sent by several different authorities in electronic format instead of paper mail. All messages are sent to the mailbox in the Web Service. Messages can also be read via the mobile application. You can access the service by using an online banking code, mobile ID, or the Citizen Certificate on an electronic ID card. 

With Messages, important mail can reach you quickly and safely everywhere, and incoming messages can be stored in the service. Messages also lets you receive sensitive information that cannot be sent by email (e.g. health information). Incoming messages are only available to you or a person you authorise, and you do not need to worry whether someone else can see the messages you receive. 

The use of Messages is also an eco-action that can reduce unnecessary paper consumption. 

Additional information for Messages users: 

Public Service Info,, tel. +358 (0)295 500 

Additional information for the media: 

Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Business Owner Maria Juka-Lahdenperä, firstname.lastname[at]