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Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s service location in Joensuu is moving – Exceptions to in-person services during the move 

Publication date 31.1.2023 14.11 | Published in English on 31.1.2023 at 14.21
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s service location in Joensuu will move in February. The service location will therefore be closed from 13 February to 21 February 2023. 

The agency’s in-person customer services are open in Joensuu at the old address (Torikatu 36 B) until Friday, 10 February 2023. 

Our telephone services and e-services will serve customers as normal during the whole move process.

The new facilities for in-person services will open on 22 February 2023 – book an appointment to make your visit go more smoothly

From 22 February 2023 onwards, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s customer services in Joensuu will continue to serve customers in person at the new address Kauppakatu 40.

The in-person customer services are mainly open by appointment, so we recommend that you book an appointment in advance. We will serve customers without an appointment at the Joensuu service location on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9:00 and 12:00.  

Most matters do not require you to visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in person and can be managed in the electronic channels or through the telephone service. You will find all our e-services at

However, if the matter requires you to visit us in person, book an appointment to our service location in advance at or call the service-specific customer service number. This way you will avoid unnecessary waiting at our customer service facilities.

For the contact details of our services, visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency website at

What is going on?

The Joensuu office building is included in the renewal of the central government service and premises network. The aim of the project is to centralise central government in-person services to joint service points during the 2020s. At the same time, the central government’s use of premises will be made more efficient as agencies move to shared office spaces. Changes in Joensuu have not yet been completed, and only some authorities offer their services at joint customer service points for now. The Joensuu office building’s services and premises will be improved over the next few years.