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Are you about to start working or doing business in Finland? helps you find the right service at the right time

Publication date 6.9.2022 9.54
Press release

When you start working or doing business in a foreign country, you run into many stumbling blocks. One is not having a comprehensive information package on your responsibilities and obligations and the services available. Information is fragmented, and service paths between different authorities and actors don’t connect.

To solve this problem, the Web Service features guides published jointly by Finnish authorities. These guides offer the most important instructions easily in one place and direct you to the right service at the right time.

The guides are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Work in Finland guide helps employees arriving in Finland at every step

The Work in Finland guide covers all the stages of coming to Finland for work. The guide has instructions appropriate for each situation based on your choices.

The guide has a checklist of all the official to-dos related to moving to Finland: residence permits, necessary documents and registrations.

In addition, the guide includes instructions on how to apply for work and the rules of working, terms of employment and employee rights in Finland. It also gives advice in situations where a person’s work situation changes or problems occur at the workplace. The guide contains a comprehensive information package on procedures related to things like sick leave, occupational safety, occupational health, working conditions and pay.

The guide also features instructions on many practical matters: finding housing, applying for childcare and school, tax matters, applying for subsidies and benefits. The guide provides information on public health care services and how to get a bank account and internet connection. It also introduces various services related to leisure time and physical activity, such as ones offered by local authorities.

Expanding a foreign company in Finland guide gives companies an overall picture for assessing obligations and costs of doing business

Taxes in Finland, employers’ contributions and other costs have occasionally come as a surprise for companies doing business here. The information package is aimed at providing companies with an overview of obligations for business operations and hiring employees already at the tender stage. Using the guide, companies can estimate the costs of doing business in Finland before actually starting operations here.

The information package contains comprehensive information on Finnish legislation, working conditions, required permits and other matters such as the conditions for posting workers to Finland.

The information package enables companies to ensure that all key obligations have been met. In addition to guidance for the initial phase, the guide provides information both for companies already operating in Finland and those that are terminating their business activities here.

A cooperative effort by multiple authorities

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has produced the guides in cooperation with key authorities related to immigration as well as organisations and companies that help immigrants.

The Expanding a foreign company in Finland guide has been produced together with the Finnish Tax Administration, the occupational safety and health authorities of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, Kela, the Finnish Immigration Service, the Accident Insurance Centre, the TE Office and the Employment Fund.

The Work in Finland guide has been produced together with Akava, Alfa Quality Moving Oy, the Regional State Administrative Agency, Business Finland, ELY Centres, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, Finland Relocation Services Oy, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, InfoFinland, the City of Helsinki, International House Helsinki, International House Turku, Kela, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Victim Support Finland, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the Finnish Immigration Service, Miessakit ry, the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Vialto Partners, the municipality of Pyhäjoki, TE services, the Accident Insurance Centre, Trade unions under the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, Finnish Customs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Employment Fund, the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland, the Tax Administration and Familiy Federation of Finland.

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