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A change to online transactions for unemployed people - the new guide is here to help all unemployed people navigate the changes to unemployment services in Finland

Publication date 4.5.2022 8.35
Press release

Finland's employment services have been reformed, with changes due to take effect from 2 May 2022. Unemployed jobseekers will now receive a more personalised service at the start of their job search. Jobseekers will also agree on more specific targets with the authorities regarding the objectives of their job search.

The new guide for unemployed people is available on the Web Service and contains up-to-date information on the changes to employment services.  

The guide provides tailored advice by asking jobseekers to complete an initial survey  

The guide is designed both for people who are about to become unemployed and for those who have been unemployed for some time. Based on Life Events, the guide provides tailored information and services for both young people leaving school and those experiencing a decline in their ability to work.  

Unemployed people have a wide range of personal circumstances. For example, academic degree holders and people with a long employment history may have a different path back to work than someone who becomes unemployed after 20 years working in a factory, or someone whose career is fragmented.  

"I believe that this nationwide guide will also serve those who provide customer service in different regions by guiding customers with up-to-date, targeted information," says Mira Pihlaja, Project Manager of the Vaasa Employment Ecosystem at the City of Vaasa Welfare Services. "Users of the guide begin by answering some background questions in order to get the right information for their specific situation," Pihlaja continues. 

The new Web Service guide responds to a wide range of needs The guide covers topics such as studying while unemployed, becoming an entrepreneur, and applying for vocational rehabilitation. 

By answering questions about their own situation, jobseekers can find the advice and services that are right for them. The guide contains informationon key government regulations, legal obligations, and services for unemployed people.

The guide provides situation-specific information and services instead of an information overload 

 "In difficult life situations, such as when you become unemployed, it often isn’t easy to familiarise yourself with the extensive guidelines and find the information you need. At worst, unemployment can be prolonged and livelihood security can be jeopardised if people cannot find the right services in time," says Olli Hurskainen, Senior specialist at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

Jukka Haapakoski, Executive Director at Työttömien Keskusjärjestö ry welcomes the new information portal as a good addition to services for unemployed people. "With many issues concerning unemployed people and unemployment currently undergoing major changes, it is important that jobseekers are able to find tips and links as comprehensively as possible on a one-stop-shop basis."

The ELY Centre Ostrobothnia, Folkhälsan, Kela, the KEHA Centre, Kokkola Region Employment Experiment, Pohjanmaa TE Office, the Guarantee Foundation (Takuusäätiö), the City of Tampere, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland TYJ, the Federation of the Unemployed, and the City of Vaasa have participated in the design of the guide. 

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