Important information on e-Authorizations with mandate service provided by officials

First check if your matter requires a personal visit to the office. We recommend that you primarily use our electronic services or call us. 

Make an appointment for our service location only for essential services.

Our customer service receives completed applications and identifies the person submitting the application. We will not process the application during your visit.  

Are you submitting an application which was filled in the mandate service provided by officials? 

Please note that companies and organisations may submit the application and its appendices by mail to:
Digital and Population Data Services Agency
P.O. Box 1003
02151 Espoo

Please note that if you grant a mandate as a private person, you can do the mandate independently in e-Authorizations

Are you making a mandate application?

By examining the instructions and documents for authorisation with an application you will receive precise instructions based on your responses, which attachments should be attached to the appli-cation and who should sign the application. 

The application can be submitted and sent electronically via the official authorisation service. It is best to submit the application electronically or by post to:

Digital and Population Data Services Agency
P.O. Box 1003
02151 Espoo

Familiarising yourself with the instructions is advisable, as it will make the application much smoother. 

See instructions  

Go to mandate service provided by officials  

Appointment is personal

Please note that the appointment is personal. Each customer must book their own appointment. The time reserved for the appointment is 15 minutes.