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The well-being of young people and those looking for work can be supported with AuroraAI network network

Publication date 6.10.2022 13.14 | Published in English on 6.10.2022 at 16.42
Press release

Among the pilots of the AuroraAI network, Zekki and Mobiililuotsi have shown that AI-assisted services help especially young and unemployed jobseekers. Easy-to-find services can also save local authorities money.

The AuroraAI network is part of the strategic AuroraAI project in the government platform. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the development and maintenance of the core network components. By the end of the year, the AuroraAI network has been piloted by nearly 20 services.

- Timely services that respond to people’s needs are a significant part of our well-being. For this purpose, the AuroraAI network offers a technical solution that municipalities, for example, can utilise cost-effectively, says Timo Salovaara, Director General of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Both Zekki and Mobiililuotsi utilise the so-called service recommendation and core component of the AuroraAI network, which provides a suitable number of service options and directs them to the right service.


Young people benefit from targeted and easy-to-access local services

The youth welfare survey Zekki ( has helped in a situation where it has been difficult to find suitable support and access services. The survey allows young people to examine their life events and contact support services provided by organisations and municipalities di-rectly. 

When Zekki joined the AuroraAI network, public local services that offer face-to-face support also joined. It was also possible for the young person to share the results of their well-being survey online with the support service, which speeded up the mapping of their situation and finding suitable help for them.

- Zekki is now able to compile a comprehensive range of support services for young peo-ple and provide them in accordance with the young person's situation. With the help of AuroraAI, we can also offer each young person support that is close to them, regardless of where they are in Finland, rejoices Reija Paananen, Project Manager and Senior Spe-cialist at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences.

Ohjaus työllistymispalveluihin tuli sujuvammaksi 

Mobiililuotsi is a mobile phone application that promotes integration. The pilot focused on the life event related to the employment of municipal residents in Laitila and Uusikaupunki in the Vakka-Suomi region. 

Connecting Mobiililuotsi to the AuroraAI network speeded up the search for a suitable employment service. The solution is also promising from the point of view of the municipality's customer service staff, which would leave time for more demanding service counselling in-stead of helping with routine issues.

In the pilot, foreign job seekers were also taken into account: it is possible to search for services in the application, for example, in the Ukrainian language. In addition, Mobiililuotsi can be implemented in other regional municipalities in a cost-effective manner and in a way that suits their needs. This is how CEO Katariina Torvinen from Ukipolis Oy sums up the pilot's successes and lessons learned: 
- The pilot showed that AI-assisted referral to services is also worthwhile in smaller municipalities. Mobiililuotsi was easily connected to the AuroraAI network, and the test group consisting of foreign-language speakers gave excellent feedback on the solution. In addi-tion, the municipalities improved the contents of the Finnish Service Catalogue (link) materials, which is crucial for the success of service counselling.

Mobiililuotsi application won the “Maaseutupoliittinen helmi” Prize (Rural Policy Prize) on 30 September 2022.

Development and maintenance of the AuroraAI network will continue

The AuroraAI project period began in 2020. Over the past two years, the core network com-ponents have been developed and tested. Pilot experiences and lessons learned have been collected, especially in the final year of the project. In addition, the AuroraAI network has been promoted in various information bulletins and events. At the turn of the year, the official project will end, but the development of the network and maintenance of the core compo-nents will continue.

During 2023, the AuroraAI network will be developed technically and in terms of content. Among other things, the smart network is taught with the help of network usage data, in or-der to improve the service proposals of AuroraAI. In the future, the core components and instructions for connecting to the network, among other things, can be found in's Service Management.

Timo Salovaara considers the development of the AuroraAI network important.
- We are at the forefront of international digitisation comparisons, but we are only at the beginning when it comes to utilising artificial intelligence, for example. The AuroraAI network pilots have shown that we are heading in the right direction.

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