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The popular Digitally Secure Life game gets a sequel: new content coaches information security officers in solving threats related to digital security

Publication date 12.2.2024 7.54
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has published new content for the popular Digitally Secure Life game. The mobile game allows players to learn digital security skills in an easy and fun way. The new exercises focus on the digital security threats that an organisation’s information security officer will encounter.

 Digiturvallinen elämä -mobiilipelin avulla digiturvataitoja voi oppia helpolla ja hauskalla tavalla.

The mobile game Digitally Secure Life allows players to learn digital security skills in an easy and fun way.

In a digital society, it is important that we know how to respond securely to threats in the digital world. In the Digitally Secure Life mobile game published by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, players follow the employees of the fictional municipality of Tyrskylä and solve digital security threats that the employees encounter in their everyday lives.

The new season of the Digitally Secure Life brings with it digital security threats that are more challenging than ever. The player takes on the role of the information security officer of the fictional municipality of Tyrskylä, where, over the course of a week, they get to solve digital security issues that can occasionally be surprising.

The new season of the game is meant for anyone interested in the development of digital security. Its themes include the management of risks, continuity and incidents. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has also published Digitally Secure Life training courses, which also provide tools for succeeding in the game. Additionally, the previous seasons of the game are easier and contain exercises that are meant for everyone.

Gamification is a fun way to promote digital security skills

The Digitally Secure Life’ game was praised in February 2023 for improving the digital skills of organisations’ staff members. In their report (in Finnish) on “Cyber citizens’ skills and their development in the European Union”, a research team from Aalto University examined the current state of cyber civic skills training in EU Member States as well as the types of training materials available for teaching these skills. According to the report, the ‘Digitally Secure Life’ game was successful and received particular praise for its educational and gamified nature.

“Gamified learning is effective, as the situations encountered in the game correspond to the digital threats we face in our everyday lives. The lessons learned are easy to put into practice and remember,” Senior Specialist Juha Kirves explains the popularity of the game.

The previous version of the Digitally Secure Life game has already been downloaded over 60,000 times. The game has received plenty of positive feedback, and ideas from users have been used in the game’s development.

The game is free to download in the App Store and in Google Play. The game is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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