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Technology behind the Population Information System is being updated

Publication date 9.6.2021 15.59 | Published in English on 9.6.2021 at 16.05
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is updating the technology behind the Population Information System (VTJ). The update aims to ensure the continuity of the system's life cycle and to replace the VTJ applications and interfaces that are based on GEN technology with REST/JSON technologies. The update process will take several years.

The process will not affect the e-services and does not require any action from our customers.

The first interfaces up for update are the so-called ‘Enter information’ functions, the ‘block a notification of move’ service, and the modified data update service. There are over one hundred VTJ applications that need to be replaced. 

‘Enter information’ service. In the Population Information System, you can enter your preferred name, profession, native language, communication language and e-mail address. You can also add or remove non-disclosures and resign from a religious community. 

‘Block a notification of move’ service. By registering a block on a notification of move, you can prevent changes to your address information in the Population Information System, for example in situations where you suspect that your personal data has been leaked and that it may be misused.

The modified data update service is an update service for public administration registers, which will be updated from a batch-type service to a VTJ change interface service. It will be used to relay the same Population Information System information and data groups with the same information content as the current modified data update service. What is new is a flexible update schedule, leading to data that is better up to date. Updates can be retrieved according to a schedule selected by the customer. 

The service is available to the central and local government authorities.  

Population Information System in a nutshell

  • The Finnish Population Information System is an electronic national register that contains basic information about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently or temporarily in Finland. 
  • The system also contains information about buildings, construction projects, apartment blocks and properties. 
  • The information stored in the system is used throughout Finnish society’s information services and management, including public administration, elections, taxation, judicial administration, research and statistics. 
  • The information in the system is also available to businesses and other private organisations.

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