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Publication date 17.3.2020 7.01 | Published in English on 9.4.2020 at 13.44
Press release

Due to current corona epidemic, those members of the public who are members of risk groups or have flu-like symptoms are advised to avoid visiting service locations. If the person belongs to these groups, they may grant another person an electronic mandate to collect their prescription medicines from the pharmacy. The mandate is valid in all Finnish pharmacies.

You can authorise any person, your spouse, relative, friend or even neighbour, to collect your prescription medications on your behalf in e-Authorizations. The e-Authorizations service allows you to specify how long a mandate is valid. A mandate can also be cancelled.

The assignee can shop at any pharmacy. They do not need to have the assignor’s Kela card, prescription or patient instructions. The pharmacy will verify the assignee’s identity from their passport, ID card or driving licence. A Kela card is not a sufficient proof of identity. The assignee must tell the pharmacy the assignor's name and personal identity code and what prescription medicines the assignor needs.

To grant an electronic mandate:

  1. Identify yourself with your online banking identification codes, a mobile certificate or an electronic ID card in the service at
  2. In the menu, go to ”Give authorisation”.
  3. Add the name and the personal identity code of the person who you have authorised.
  4. From the Authorisation category list, select Pharmacy services and specify the mandate’s period of validity.
  5. Tell the person you have authorised your personal identity code and the names of the prescription medicines that you need.

What are e-Authorizations? e-Authorizations are part of the online service which brings together all public services in one place. Pharmacy transactions on behalf of another person have been possible since June 2019. services is provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Using e-Authorizations, a Finnish citizen can authorise another person or a company to act on their behalf in specified matters. The service can also be used to request a mandate to act on behalf of another person or a company and to administer the mandates in a centralised manner. The e-Authorizations service can be used to act on behalf of another party, for example, in Traficom and numerous Tax Administration services. e-Authorizations help facilitate daily life when one is not able to handle one’s own affairs due to age, illness, overseas travel or some other reason. In such situations, a trusted individual can easily act on your behalf with the provided electronic mandate. 

Please see for additional information and a list of the e-services that utilise e-Authorizations.

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