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Significant proportion of Finns will receive vehicle tax bills electronically in the future

Publication date 5.9.2023 8.58
Press release

As of 1 November 2023, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom will send vehicle tax bills to Messages. If you currently receive your vehicle tax bill by mail and you use Messages, you will receive the bill only in Messages in the future.

Electronic vehicle tax bills have a significant positive impact on the environment

Receiving a vehicle tax bill electronically streamlines everyday life: documents are available electronically wherever you are, and you never lose them. It also makes a significant positive impact on the environment by saving millions of pages of paper.

Traficom sends about 7.5 million vehicle tax bills each year. Significantly more than half of these are sent by mail as a traditional paper bill. Traficom has calculated that sending paper bills costs society more than 4 million euros each year. That is why the goal is to make as many people as possible use electronic services, such as e-invoices or Messages.  

More than one million people are currently using Messages. Due to this, more and more people will receive their vehicle tax bill in electronic format. Each vehicle tax bill delivered electronically saves not only common tax resources but also the environment.

You will receive your vehicle tax bill electronically when you activate Messages by 31 October

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency encourages the activation of Messages by 31 October 2023. By doing this, you will automatically receive your vehicle tax bill electronically in the future.

You can access Messages by downloading the mobile application or by identifying yourself at Identification is done with online banking credentials, a mobile certificate or an electronic certificate on an ID card. By activating Messages, you will also receive electronic mail sent by several other authorities.

Alternatively, you can order your vehicle tax bill as an e-invoice, in which case it is delivered directly to your online bank instead of Messages. You can receive an e-invoice by concluding an e-invoicing agreement in your online bank. To do this, you need your vehicle taxation customer ID, which is shown on the vehicle tax bill. You can check your customer ID in the Traficom service Transport matters in My e-Services (My details).

Read more about Messages and activate the service

What is Messages? Messages is a secure electronic mailbox that replaces official mail sent in a letter. The service is used by several authorities, and its use is constantly increasing. Incoming messages can be read using the mobile application or by identifying yourself in the Web Service at This way, you can read incoming mail wherever you are. Notifications of new incoming messages are sent to the email address that you have provided to the service. Users of the mobile application will also receive notifications directly through the app.