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Reaktor to provide expert services in the project to reform population information system

Publication date 7.6.2017 9.00
Press release

The Population Register Centre has chosen Reaktor Innovations Oy (Reaktor) to provide architectural expert services in the Population Register Centre’s personal data reform project (HETI project). The procurement was carried out as a tendering process at EU level.

The aim of the HETI project is to reform the current Population Information System and improve the usability, quality and data security of the personal data maintenance and retrieval services and the availability of up-to-date information in these services between 2017 and 2020. The project strongly supports digitalisation and continues the reform of the building data in the Population Information System (RAKI project) that ended in 2014.

The Finnish Population Information System is an electronic national register that contains basic information about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently in Finland. The system also contains information about buildings, construction projects, apartment blocks and properties. It is the most used national base register in Finland.

In the architectural design stage of the HETI project, a description will be provided of the functional, data and technological architecture of the sections related to personal data contained in the new Population Information System, a proposal will be drawn up for selecting the technology, and the architecture will be designed in a way that allows the implementation phase of the project to be launched in autumn 2017.

“When the tenders were compared, Reaktor’s tender was the most economically advantageous one. We expect this cooperation to provide sustainable solutions, but also results with rapid benefits. This will happen when the functional needs and the opportunities provided by technology are evaluated with an open mind. We aim at providing customer-oriented services and building an architecture that guarantees excellent usability and security of services, but also takes advantage of the opportunities provided by new technology”, says Pekka Rehn, Director of ICT Services at the Population Register Centre.

“It is a huge honour to be able to participate in a project that is so significant from the historical and societal points of view. It is very motivating for people working at Reaktor to be engaged in projects in which such extremely critical systems are built for citizens and which have to succeed”, says Sampo Pasanen, Reaktor’s Director of High Security.

The contract that was now signed will be in force until the end of 2020.

Further information

Population Register Centre, Director, ICT Services, Pekka Rehn, tel. +358 29 535 046, firstname.lastname(at)

Reaktor Innovations Oy, Director, High Security, Sampo Pasanen, tel. +358 50 5643 129, firstname.lastname(at)