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Interoperability platform ensures data compatibility – join us in defining data models

Publication date 28.11.2022 13.51 | Published in English on 2.12.2022 at 16.10
Press release

The interoperability platform provides descriptions of data and data structures so that they can be used in the same way in different environments. The platform contains plenty of terminologies, code lists and data models, especially to support system development in public administration. For instance, the platform has code lists for the financial reporting of wellbeing services counties. Uniform concepts and data structures make it easier to design and understand services and make operations more efficient.

For the processing of terminologies, an option to update with an Excel file has now been added to the interoperability platform. The data model reform is under way, and anyone who is interested is welcome to participate in the definition work.

Data provided by the interoperability platform

Terminologies, code lists and data models describe matters related to, for example, professions and work, business, environment or taxation.

You can use the data through a browser or an interface. You can also import your own data to the platform for others to use.

Terminologies can now be updated with an Excel file in the beta version

Terminologies beta is the new version of the Terminologies tool, and some new functionalities can now be tested in it. The beta also includes the features of the current production build.

The new version of the Terminologies tool and an Excel export function have been implemented in Terminologies beta. In addition, there are three ways to update terminologies’ data with files, of which the detailed and comprehensive Excel file that is downloaded to your workstation, edited and uploaded back to the tool is completely new. 

Data model reform is under way, join us in the definition work

We are currently developing the Data Vocabularies tool, and we are defining many functionalities from scratch. Contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency if you wish to participate.

Get started right away

You can start using the interoperability platform any time you want. If you want to share your materials on the platform or edit the materials already there, contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

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